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NOVICE A 20" Course distance ___142__ yds Time ___76___ sec

Score: Time
NQ____ ______ Banners Sparkling Matilde. DL586209/05. 06‑08‑95. Bearded Collie, Bitch. Breeder: Evonne Leonard Doto. Ch Sunkap Sir Knight HT ‑ Ch Skye’s First Twinkle. OWNER: Evonne & Leonard Doto. 21511 ‑ 35th Ave W, Brier, WA 98036. Matilde
Score: Time
NQ____ ______ Mariac’s Sweet Echo of Tess. DL692700/07. 06‑13‑97. Bearded Collie, Bitch. Breeder: Mary Murphy & Carol S. Lang. Ch Wyndmist Just for Joel ‑ Ch Marjac’s Echo of Loch Tay. OWNER: Julie E. & Edward C. Noonan, Mary Murphy. 908 S. Poplar Street, Northfield, MN 55057. Echo
Score: Time
NQ____ ______ Ch Caledonia’s Curry Favor. DL654248/01. 09‑21‑96. Bearded Collie, Bitch. Breeder: Kay & Carl Widell, Amy Steltz. Ch Chriscaro Call To The Piper, CD, PT ‑ Am/Can. Ch Caledonia’s Cosette, PT. OWNER: Alice H. Goodman, Kay & Carl Widell, Kathleen Flanagan. 501 Hot Springs Rd, Santa Barbara, CA 93108. Chutney
Score: Time
NQ____ ______ Chantilly’s Too Dame Hot. DL688297/07. 05‑15‑97. Bearded Collie, Bitch. Breeder: Kathleen & Gerald Paviich. Ch Firstprizebeard Haagen Dazs ‑ Ch Chantilly’s Soprano. OWNER: Kathleen Flanagan, Kathleen Paviich, Alice Goodman. 2552 Greenbriar Ln, Costa Mesa, CA 92626. Tzootsie
Score: Time
NQ____ ______ Ch Britannia Bobby Dazzler. DL734511/03. 11‑01‑97. Bearded Collie, Dog. Breeder: Amy Steltz, Wm. Carter, Michele Ritter. Ch Shilstone Charlie Charcoal ‑ Ch Britannia Bubblicious, PT. OWNER: Amy Steltz, W. Carter, M. Ritter. 37816 ‑ 160th Pl SE, Auburn, WA 98092. Bobby
Score: Time
NQ____ ______ Arcadias UBA Northern Girl. DL682357/05. 03‑31‑97. Bearded Collie, Bitch. Breeder: Diann Shannon. Ch Oakengates Up Beat - ­Ch Arcadia Original Sin by George. OWNER: Pat Hansen. 6010 Austria Drive, Anchorage, AK 99516. Molly
Score: Time
NQ____ ______ Ch Banners Hematite O’Bart, CD, TDX, HIC, CGC. DL467639/02. 01‑07‑93. Bearded Collie, Dog. Breeder: Evonne Doto. Ch Dupton Double Scotch ‑ Ch Skye’s First Twinkle. OWNER: Connie Alber. 39125 Deerhorn Rd, Springfield, OR 97478. Bart
Score: Time
100____ 49.99__ Clanbarrick Piper Paisley Brn. ILP 85058. 05‑25‑94. Bearded Collie, Bitch. Breeder: Gail E. Beecher. Clanbarrick Capt. Oliver Black ‑ Clanbarrick Brown Raggamuffin. OWNER: Jacqueline Byrnes. 6‑1110 Odlum Drive, Vancouver, BC V5L 3L7Canada. Paisley
Score: Time
A_____ ______ Sweetmeadow’s Call Me Smudge. DL511722/01. 11‑10‑93. Bearded Collie, Dog. Breeder: Jane Bihl, Carl & Kay Widell. Am/Can Ch Diotima Fortune Smiles ‑ Ch Caledonia’s Wee Bit of Clover. OWNER: Jane Bihl. 163 Holly Hill Dr, Richmond, KY 40475. Smudge
Score: Time
NQ____ ______ Ch Aellen Tried & True. DL567453/03. 01‑25‑97. Bearded Collie, Dog. Breeder: R. Colavecchio, S. Mandell, L. Weeks. Ch Aellen Eye Of The Tiger ‑ Ch Aellen Dixieland Jazz. OWNER: Carol & Ruth Colavecchio. 620 ‑ 53rd St, Sacramento, CA 95819. Truman
Score: Time
NQ____ ______ Banners Flashing Cluny. DL467639/07. 01‑07‑93. Bearded Collie, Bitch. Breeder: Evonne & Leonard Doto. Ch Dupton Double Scotch ‑ Ch Skye’s First Twinkle. OWNER: Evonne & Leonard Doto. 21511 ‑ 35th Ave W, Brier, WA 98036. Cluny


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