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History:The SMAUG code started out as a Merc2.1 MUD called "Realms of Despair" in 1994. It wasn't until 1996 that it was given its name, and the first public release wasn't until December of 1996. The interest in the code spread like wildfire, and within a few months and a few revisions there had been over 20,000 downloads of the distribution.
SMAUG is a significant overhaul of the Merc code, as Merc was an overhaul of the original DikuMUD code. We can confidantly state that no other derivative has changed the internal workings of its parent codebase nearly as much as SMAUG.
Where Merc stripped down and simplified DikuMUD, SMAUG reintroduced a lot of the features and detail that got removed while retaining the simplicity of Merc. This is most notable when creating mobiles and objects, as by default a mobile's stats will be auto generated by the server based on the mobile's level, but you can override any stat to very fine detail far beyond the original DikuMUD.
The goal for SMAUG was to be the most feature rich, yet stable and consistant code base. It's not just a pile of snippets patched together, as most every feature it has was coded by the development team, well thought out and properly integrated. SMAUG feels a little more like a SillyMUD derivative than a Merc derivative.
The code has been playtested on a very large MUD, stress-tested with serveral hundred simultaneous players, carefully optimized and debugged.
Features:Extremely complete online building (OLC) support, extensively reworked Mobprogram code that allows room and object programs, dynamic spell system, mounts, extended exit system, levers, pullchains, switches, traps, bulletin boards, corpse saving, clans, guilds, deities, races, languages, new classes, layered equipment, and far too much to list. Additional URLs:The (searchable) SMAUG FAQ is at SMAUG HOWTO is at


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